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HillSide Offices 2018

The Hillside Office Building is a landmark building situated right next to MOM Park, in a special location: at the edge of the South and Central Buda regions, where business and residential areas meet. The characteristics of the building - efficiency, rational maintenance costs, human-centered communal and office space design - perfectly satisfy the requirements for modern office buildings.
Together with Gesztenyés-kert (Gesztenyés Garden), the building is the gate to the Hegyvidék (Hillside District): its silhouette needs to tower over the neighborhood, with the mountain ranges of the district in the background. As a response to the architectural gesture of the entrance square in front of MOM Park, we created a similar outdoor space on the other side, in front of the office building’s representative entrance.
Our concept - taking advantage of the significant relief of the site – is based on a design principle that incorporates the characteristic geomorphology of the area in the design of the landscape and the building, and expresses the ambience and spirit of the Hegyvidék. The outdoor elements in the environment of the building - retaining walls, pavement, benches, and dilatation lines – emphasize the contour lines of the surrounding terrain, in both 2 and 3 dimensional senses. The interior design - the piazza, the floor of the reception area and the atrium, the floating geomorphological luminaires - is characterized by the same graphic motif. This compositional principle creates a unified concept by linking the separately defined signals together: the individual elements - the calligraphic sign with the name of the building, the graphic motif, the shaping of the outer and inner spaces and surfaces of the building, and the discrete world of the luminaires - reinforce each other's meaning.
The primary arrangement of the façades is consistent with the bulk of the building. The four towers in the corners have ribbon-windows and parapets, covered with an outer glass panel structure for a solid appearance; the façades of the connecting building sections have a mounted structure with articulated horizontal divisions, which provide the vertical fire-resistant barrier as well. The huge glass surfaces ensure excellent natural lighting conditions in the office spaces.
The building has a flexible layout, dividable by the tenant's requirements: up to 8 rentable units per floor can be separated, suitable for completely open or cellular office systems as well. The building has a 3-storey underground parking garage accessible from Alkotás út.

Péter Kis, Zsolt Krausz, Dr. Zoltán Oláh Mihály
Visualization by: Zsolt Krausz