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Tolcsva, Winery Bottling Plant 2016

When designing the new bottling plant for Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. at their estate at Tolcsva, our task was to create a concept that both functionally and architecturally is worthy of the 300 years old historic wine region of Tokaj - guardian of the Hungarian wine making tradition and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
By reformulating and expanding the existing technology of the plant, we developed a new concept for the arrangement of the functions and the buildings to manage the entire wine making process comprehensively: utilizing the characteristics of the terrain allows the technological process to be operated on the gravitational flow principle, with the least possible energy investment.
Accordingly, the new bottling building has two levels, partly equipped with a gallery. As the functions on the lower floor have differing inner height requirements, the upper level is created with two different floor levels. The upper floor level joins the hillside’s, the lower the valley’s terrain.
By the deliberate positioning of the buildings and by the utilization of the gaps between the halls for community functions, we tried to lighten the monumentality arising from the industrial character of the complex. Hiding the connecting wings (the ones perpendicular to the terrain lines) beneath the ground gave emphasis to the parallel blocks. The elongated, high-ceilinged vat halls scheduled for a subsequent building phase will be installed half under the hillside.
The plant’s exterior appearance with its pure forms reflects the clean functionality of the interior arrangement. Throughout the planning process we paid particular attention to avoid the appearance of any mechanical, electrical, or technological equipment and piping between the buildings or on their façades and roofs; those were all installed integrated.
The pattern of the façades was inspired by the landscape; its color, structure, and layering were shaped in harmony with the gentle hills surrounding the complex.

Péter Kis, Ákos Dobrányi
Photo by: Zsolt Batár

Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. (Grand Tokaj Zrt., as today) is a national winery owned by the Hungarian State. As the largest winemaker of the over 300 years old historic Tokaj Wine Region (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002), they are committed to guarding and protecting the Hungarian wine making traditions. Tokaj Kereskedőház has more than half a century of wine making experience and is an important participant in the community of Tokaj-Hegyalja.
In 2014, the company announced a restricted competition for the reconstruction of their existing plant at their site in Tolcsva and for designing a new, modern winery complex. Our studio has won the competition; the first stage of the improved plans was realized in 2016 by building the new Bottling Plant.