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Budapest, Artificial Rock Reconstruction 2007

The artificial rock was originally built in 1909, the 40 m high hills feature an internal space of 38,850 m3, becoming one of the earliest and the largest of the artificial reinforced concrete crags in the world. The design includes the reworking of this cave-like area in to an exhibition space for cultural programs, events and conferences.

By the utilisation of the inside of the Rock, the Zoo that has been struggling with a small site, will gain several thousand square meters of new exhibition area and a worthy area for cultural programmes, events and conferences. The special circumstances, e.g. the spatial structure with its unusual ambiance and absence of natural light, require the installation of special functions or the positioning of a dedicated structure. In addition to the construction of the inner side of the Great Rock, plans have also been drawn up to have the majority of the former high standard buildings in the vicinity renovated.

The designs for the exhibitions planned here have been completed; the audience will meet specialities of the living world and “magical rarities” within it. A unique and spectacular display of the extraordinary life forms ever appearing on Earth’s stage and of the development of life and its amazing richness could be exhibited here. A well equipped special exhibition system will be created with interactive and adventurous games, demonstrations of live animals and models of giant animals together with opportunities to get to know the microscopic world. With all these possibilities for synergistic discovery, lecture theatres as well as modern exhibition technology equipment with no other like it, it will be unmatched in Central-Europe.

Péter Kis, Bea Molnár, Péter Nyitrai, Tamás Ükös
Physical model by Tamás Ükös
Photo by Péter Kis