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Badacsony, Hableány 2015

BADACSONY, HABLEÁNY WINERY, VISITOR CENTER AND HOTEL RECONSTRUCTION AND EXTENSION 2015 Badacsony – the town at the foot of the mountain Badacsony - has long been a popular holiday resort on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The ambience of the place is defined by houses built around the fifties and sixties: the one-story, socreal building of the Hableány Restaurant is one of them. The restaurant is situated in a park, in the center of a popular tourist area. A ceramic artwork made by Eva Kumpost, depicting a Mermaid – Hableány – is mounted on the building’s façade overlooking the park; Hal/Fish, an artwork of Miklós Borsos used to stand at the corner of the building. In 2014, the Laposa family bought the restaurant with the intention to reconstruct and extend the building into a complex, incorporating a winery, a visitor center, and a hotel. The Visitor Center The existing rooms of the building will be reconstructed to accommodate the winery and the visitor center, with the technological and hospitality areas – wine bar, tasting rooms, and wine shop - loosely interconnected. The concept utilizes the advantageous properties of the building, leaving the main structures relatively untouched while enhancing and perfecting the original spatial structure of intertwining areas. The relation between the technological and the communal spaces is organized by this principle: the whole area of the plant is tempered and therefore necessarily separated from the visitor area, thus their connection is created through several visual links. The rather industrial atmosphere of the visitor center is set by the features of the technological areas: the vat hall with the large vats, the separating glass surfaces, and the rough reinforced concrete building structure cleansed with sandblast. From the promenade, the entire length of the vat hall is revealed through the glass section running down to the street level at the former main entrance next to the mermaid mosaic. The sight – with the several meters tall shelving of the wine shop in the foreground - invites visitors into the building as a kind of store window. The units of the ground-floor open kitchen, the details of the kitchen equipment and appliances add another vibe to the atmosphere. The green of the hillside revealed from the event space, the vegetation along the terrace, the kitchen herbs, the hardwood furniture, and the shelves loaded with wine glasses soften the metal and concrete world of the plant, making the hospitality spaces pleasant and cool in the summer and cozy at winter. Hotel The complex functions of the winery are further expanded by the hotel unit placed on top of the existing building. The location gives the uniqueness of the hotel: it offers unparalleled views of the mountain Badacsony, a direct access to the spacious roof-top terrace on the existing building, and uncommon viewpoints that are exposing some venues of the winery. The hotel rooms offer scenic panoramas of the surrounding nature (the starry sky, the mountain Badacsony, the sight of Lake Balaton); while the lounge, the additional communal spaces, and the terrace are visually linked to the built environment and the winery. The design of the hotel rooms is non-traditional: a glass box - open in summer and closed in winter - encompasses the wooden blocks of the room units, together with the lounge, the corridors, and the auxiliary areas. In summer, the lounge is expanded with the roof deck, where a few additional room blocks are scattered to increase the capacity of the hotel as a summer accommodation in a busy season. The openings towards the natural environment; the simple, clean elements and natural materials evoke the ambience of the visitor center's hospitality spaces. Péter Kis, Márton Pintér, Sarolta Hüttl, Boglárka Kovács, Judit Soltész, Anikó Tóth Visualization by: Márton Pintér